Quality Carpet Cleaning in Chandler, AZ


One of the concerns a lot of people have about having their carpets cleaned is the shrinkage. Unfortunately, your carpet can shrink if it gets cleaned by a rogue carpet cleaning company. With the numerous carpet cleaning companies around, it can be difficult to know a professionally, trained carpet cleaner.


Every carpet has its distinct characteristics that professional Carpet Cleaning in Chandler, AZ will note before they begin a cleaning. If you notice that your rigs have shrunk after cleaning, the carpet cleaning company may have failed to do their job properly. Some of the causes include: Cleaning with very hot water-Ordinary steam cleaners use shampoos and hot water to clean rugs. Although this may sound like a good way to get rid of dirt, it can also create multiple problems. Hot water can shrink your carpet’s fiber. Your carpet has natural fibers-In the past, carpets were made of natural fibers and most cleaners did not take note of this when cleaning. This is likely to lead to shrinkage. Hire an expert who knows what type of cleaning method to use for different types of rugs.


Excessive soaking-This is a leading cause of shrinkage. Some cleaning companies will prolong the cleaning process by soaking your rug for a long period of time. Excess water can lead to shrinkage even if you have a carpet made from synthetic fibers. The best way to avoid shrinkage is to have your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner that will use a technique that won’t leave residue or shrink your carpets. An experienced Carpet Cleaning in Chandler, AZ uses low pressure sprays combined with cleaning tools to deliver the best results. The bottom line is that you need to take your time and research on the best professional carpet cleaning companies. Look for a cleaning company that offers extensive training to their cleaners and one that is knowledgeable when it comes to cleaning different rugs.