Protect Your Upholstery Cleaning in Peoria


If you pay attention to the marketing that accompanies Scotch Guard, you might think that it is some sort of wonderful spray that keeps your upholstered furniture sparkling and pristine despite the efforts of a tribe of young boys, a herd of small animals and the weather elements themselves to stain and wear out the cushions.


None of this, of course, comes from the ads themselves. Scotch Guard bills itself as protecting your upholstery from moisture and stains. But does it? For people who apply Scotch Guard or similar protectants themselves, the effectiveness can be mixed. However, in the hands of professional Upholstery Cleaning in Peoria, the chemical application takes place using machines that the DIY homeowner generally does not have lying around the house. So, when you want to protect your upholstery (and your carpet), paying the money to have cleaners pays dividends.


But when do the dividends kick in? When you purchase a new couch, you aren't (in most cases) thinking about replacing it in a few years. You're thinking about a commitment that might last at least a decade. Well, if you fast forward mentally a few years, how do you imagine that couch looking? Having professional Upholstery Cleaning in Peoria come in and apply protective chemicals once or twice a year is expensive -- but the investment pays off when your furniture still looks fairly new after six or seven years, even when you have small animals or children running around the house. There are some companies that will offer you a free consultation, and there are others who will quote you a rate over the phone on the basis of the number of upholstered items you want cleaned.