Proper Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ


Do you spend a lot of time vacuuming your carpets? If you are like most homeowners, you do. Does this task get your carpets clean? You can see that visible dust and dirt are removed and the kids are already back down on the floor. The problem is that, under the top surface of carpets, are the seedy things that can make your entire house unhealthy. Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ is more than a vacuum cleaner and there is a good reason for this.


The dirty little secret is that, due to physics, you will never be able to get all of the dangerous elements out of the pile. This is because most of the dangerous stuff, the germs, bacteria, and allergens that get onto your home constantly are too small for a vacuum to handle. Many of them are smaller than seven microns. The average vacuum, regardless of brand, does not address sizes less than about 10 microns. This leaves a lot of contamination inside the fibers of your carpet and can make playtime for the kids an unhealthy exercise.


These elements that are always present in your flooring must be made larger so a vacuum can pick them up. This is accomplished in two ways. There is a dry chemical process in which we use ultra-low moisture beads that bond with the soils and organic contaminants. It is then picked up with powerful vacuums that can handle these new sizes. The other process is a water extraction system. It is a machine that forces water/cleaner solution deep into the pile and dislodges the contaminants. It then suspends them in the solution for the vacuum to pick up. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Scottsdale AZ, like ours, does this every day and have the experience to get and keep your carpets, clean, safe and healthy for you and the kids that depend on that soft flooring to explore the world.