Professional carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ


You should not clean your carpets regularly to avoid wear and tear of the carpet fibers. However, regular vacuuming is recommended to remove dirt, dust and debris from your carpet. Vacuuming maintains your carpet clean over time while still increasing its longevity. It is however not effective in removing tough stains that might be embedded in your carpet. After vacuuming for a period of time, deep cleaning should be done by a professional over a period of 1 year or several years depending with the traffic in your home. When the time comes to have Professional carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ, hire a professional company because the technicians are experienced, skilled and have necessary supplies and equipment to do the job right.


To clean your carpet, furniture and all items that are sit on the carpet should be moved away to create adequate space for the equipment and cleaning professionals to do their work. The technicians then start by vacuuming the carpet flooring and then embark on thorough cleaning by steam cleaning method which uses steam to remove dirt, dust, debris, pests and allergens that might be on your carpet. After cleaning is done, the carpet should be dried properly to avoid growth of mold or mildew.


Rug cleaning is unlike carpet cleaning because you will have to lift the rug off the floor and clean underneath because dirt and debris usually passes through the rug and reside on or near the floor. Therefore, underneath the rug has to be cleaned to guarantee that the rug is clean. It is important to understand that different types of rugs require different types of cleaning processes to ensure that dust, stains and dirt is properly removed. Call our Professional carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ for a quote today.