Professional carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ


There are various methods you can choose when you want to clean your carpet. There are those that will give you a deeper clean and your carpet dries very fast. By cleaning the carpet, you make your family and home very healthy. The hot carbonating extraction leaves your carpet clean for long and delivers a much deeper clean. You can combine this method with a natural method that is certified. Your pets and kids are safe when you do not use chemicals.


The advantages you get when you have Professional carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ. This process most of the professionals use saves you up to 80% of water. This is as compared to using a steam cleaning process. Therefore, your carpet dries in a few hours. You get to enjoy the comfort of your carpet sooner than if you wash it at home.


Most of the carpet cleaners use carbonated solutions to wash your carpet. The solution penetrates the fibers of your carpet and removes all the dirt. This method is very effective in giving you a thorough clean. This formula does not leave any residue that may attract dirt; your carpet remains clean for a very long time. A professional cleaner knows that less water the better for your carpet. Mold grows on your carpet because of excess water. The chemicals and soaps used are certified and will not harm your pets and kids even if they have allergy. The HCE method also removes more than 98 per cent of the allergens. When you use this method together with a sanitizer 89 per cent of the bacteria in your upholstery carpet dies. Call our Professional carpet cleaning in Tempe, AZ today.