Phoenix, AZ Professional Carpet Cleaning Services



Your house, like about 60% of the rest of the homes in the United States has carpeting in most of the living spaces. You, like most other homeowners will also vacuum those carpets on a regular basis. That is not the issue as you like many of the rest, but certainly not all, realize that dirt, dust and other spoils, not to mention germs bacteria and allergens can get down deep into the carpet pile and actually sift through some of the less well made backings onto the floor underneath. This is where we, as Phoenix, AZ Professional Carpet Cleaning Services can help.


Your carpets and area rugs are the larges air cleaners you have in your home. They may not seem like it, but the vast majority of dust and dirt that comes on from outside will fall to the floor. These contaminants will become lodged in the fiber that makes up the carpet and will stay there until someone walks on the floor, especially if they are shuffling their feet. This will then become air borne and move somewhere else, but still within your house.


Yes, again, you can attack it with your vacuum cleaner, but you are not getting a lot of it out of the carpet. It will take our trained technicians, along with the equipment they use, to handle all of this. Phoenix, AZ Professional Carpet Cleaning Services is about more than getting the dust off of the top of the pile. It is about getting down deep into the fiber and removing the material that is holding on so it does not get dislodged in an uncontrolled way. It is about cleaning and sanitizing your floors so the kids will be safe when they[lay on as they are more than happy to do. It is also all about getting all of the pet dander, hair and mud that they drag in from outside out of your house and leaving a pleasant fragrance instead of an earthy smell that can make people sick.