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People who are allergic to dust mites and mold can stiffer irritating and even debilitating symptoms throughout the year. These allergens can cause coughing and nasal issues, as well as trouble breathing or wheezing that's associated with asthma. An allergist can tell you if you have these allergies by doing a skin test, but even armed with this knowledge, you may struggle to effectively change your environment. Dust mites and mold can be particularly hard to detect and control.


Since they're indoor allergens, you're likely to be exposed to them for hour after hour, day after day. Many traditional methods of cleaning, such as vacuuming, dusting or mopping, are ineffective against these problems. Vapor steam cleaners can be very effective, however. They clean and disinfect without causing additional issues or further irritating your symptoms by making dust more airborne or causing more mold problems. Even if you keep your home very clean, dust mites are likely to be thriving in your house. They are minute and can't be seen without a microscope. They frequently live in carpeting, bedding and upholstered furniture, where they live on dead skin cells and dander that people and pets naturally shed. Vapor steam cleaners, unlike insecticides, can kill dust mites.


You can also have mold in your home that you're not even aware of. It grows and spreads easily in moist, humid environments, such as basements and bathrooms. The effects of mold on your allergies can become more severe as you're continually exposed. You could be at risk for serious breathing problems or scarring in your lungs. Our Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert, AZ can make your home have better air quality.