Best Professional Carpet Cleaning in Mesa, AZ


Yes, you have a very expensive heater and air conditioning system, and it does have filters that condition the air as much as possible. The problem is that not all of the things, such as bacteria, allergens, and germs, as well as dirt and all dust, gets into that system and gets filtered out. Many of these things get into the house and fall to the floor. That is where they come into contact with the carpet. Professional Carpet Cleaning in Mesa, AZ must be able to deal with all of this quickly and safely. That is where we come in.


All of this contamination, including the stuff that can impact people who have breathing difficulties, will hang onto the pile of the carpet until they are dislodged, when they can become airborne. This will allow them to float into other areas of the room and other rooms. That is why the professional carpet cleaning technicians we have need to get there to help prevent that from happening. One of the problems that prevent you from taking care of this, often, dangerous situation is simply because of the way a vacuum cleaner works and the laws of physics. The most dangerous elements of this contamination are the living organisms, such as the germs, the bacteria and the allergens, are smaller than what a conventional vacuum cleaner can pick up.


These dangerous elements are between five and seven microns in size. To give you an idea of this size, there are about 24600 micron units in an inch. The vacuum cleaner you have, regardless of type or cost will only pick up particles that are ten micron sized or larger. The two main methodsto deep clean your carpets are the dry chemical system which uses ultra low moisture to bond with hos very small particles and make them larger enough for our powerful vacuums to handle. The other method is to force cleanser/water solution deep into the pile and agitate it with a brush to dislodge and suspend it in that solution. Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Mesa, AZ can give you the best choice.