Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning in Glendale, AZ


Professional Carpet Cleaning in Glendale, AZ is popularly known as "Steam cleaning". It is the most misunderstood of the professional cleaning industries. It provides better appearance, hygiene, and durability to the carpets as all the dirt embedded in the fibers of the carpets get cleaned and hence the life expectancy of the carpets increases. There are mainly 5 ways to do professional carpet cleaning. A composition of 98% of a biodegradable cleaning substance is spread evenly over the carpet and then washing it away. It is very good for cleaning carpets at home.


A pre-spray and agitations are used on the carpets with a hot water rinse to remove dirt like oil and soil. Since oil and soil are dense materials this pre-spray is mainly an extracting material which when used with agitations like brushes removes the dirt from the carpets. This method is also known as "Steam Cleaning".


This method is used since 1970 till date but with a lot of modification by the industrial sector. Wet shampoos are formulated with the help of coconut oil soaps which are foamy and sticky in nature. They help in removing dirt by getting the dirt particles to stick to them and removed from the carpet with the help of the chemicals in the foam. A bonnet is a cleaning machine for carpets with a mixture of pre-spray on the surface as mist and scrubs. It mixes all these chemicals by rotating them with the carpets in the machine. It is incapable of sanitizing carpet fibers due to lack of hot water. If you have any questions, call our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Glendale, AZ today.